2020 Fall Cohort

2020 Fall Cohort

DFA’s Fall program is hosted in collaboration with Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Etisalat Digital.

The program tackles the future of transport, energy, health, and digital technologies with a focus on life post-COVID-19.

Submit your application before September 30th 2020, 11.59 pm (GMT+4).

To learn more about the program structure, benefits, and program process visit our program page.

Challenge 1: Soft mobility and shared mobility

How might we create new mobility sharing services to help public transport post COVID 19?

The vision: Innovative new mobility sharing concepts for citizens to have new transportation options that is budget friendly and post covid19 standard focused

What are we looking for?

  • New modes of shared mobility with attractive and sustainable business models for RTA and customers
  • Future shared mobility services (Scooters, E-bikes, Moped) to make shared mobility attractive for citizens and restore confidence in shared mobility
  • Mobility modes include bike sharing, car sharing, bus on demand
  • This scope excludes public transport = public buses, metro, tram

Challenge 2: Interactive & community-based transport planning

How might we engage the public in the process of transport and community infrastructure planning?

The vision: An Innovative solution to enable citizens to be part of planning and improving transport network, infrastructure and services

What are we looking for?

An innovative solution that enables direct engagement with the public and being approachable as an entity, this can be Implemented at different scales:

  • Neighborhoods scale
  • Cities Scale
  • User typologies (e.g. children, tourists)

Challenge: Data-mission power

How might we consolidate data across DEWA platforms to advance the process of strategic and operational decision making?

The vision: A comprehensive data platform that empowers the process of strategic and operational decision making.
What are we looking for?
  • A scalable solution that could be easily integrated with multiple sources.
  • A solution that is capable of delivering high-quality end-to-end data process structure from collection to visualization and reporting.
  • A future-proof solution that could be the base to building applications that utilize specific technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

Challenge 1: Early and swift healthcare intervention

How might we improve the quality of life by early and swift healthcare intervention using advanced technologies in healthcare?

The vision: To have a wide range of technologies that can speed up delivery of healthcare services to achieve the vision of DHA “a healthier and happier community”

What are we looking for?

  • Device-based solutions (preferably no apps/software based)
  • No medication-based solutions
  • Device should be tested on a minimum of 100 patients
  • FDA/CE approved – or in the process of obtaining approval

Challenge 2: Mental wellbeing

How might we enable access to mental health services and improve citizens mental wellbeing at scale?

The vision: To have technologies that ensure ease of access to metal healthcare to achieve the vision of DHA “a healthier and happier community”

What are we looking for?

• A mobile application/software
• A solution that is validated by professional mental health experts or bodies
• A solution that ensures all UAE data privacy laws are intact

Challenge 1: Kubernetes as a service

Provide an orchestration platform of kubernetes to scale and manage containers in a multi-cloud environment.

The vision: Integrate this solution as part of Etisalat Digitals’s proposition to customers to accelerate the modernization of their application strategies.

What are we looking for?

  • A single pane of glass for Kubernetes operations in a Multicloud and multiregional approach
  • Compatible with main Kubernetes platforms (VMware, Azure, AWS, Google, Linux. Dockers, etc)
  • E2E Kubernetes management: deployment, monitoring, diagnosing and versioning, providing consistency for any kind of workload.
  • UI able to integrate with Etisalat Multicloud Portal.
  • Manage Kubernetes environments in Edge Computing remote environments.
  • Extend beyond Kubernetes to other container management environments.

Challenge 2: Internet of robotic things

How might we better manage robots and drones to ensure safety and efficiency?

The vision: Empower UAE Government and our Enterprise clients with a platform to manage robot and drone solutions for better safety and efficiency in non-industrial and commercial environments.

What are we looking for?

Solution requirements include 3 main areas:


  • Flexible robot solutions.
  • Multi-tenant cloud platform.
  • Capabilities of data management, advanced localization, navigation, path planning, computer vision, facial and object detection, obstacle avoidance, NLP and speech detection.

Edge Computing Devices:

  • Network agnostic.
  • Long battery life.
  • Variety of format and equipment integration capabilities.


  • Big data analytics and AI with visualization and reporting tools.

Challenge 3: Digital Credit & Investment Platform

How can we facilitate access to credit and investments opportunities to all sectors of the economy allowing for full digital financial inclusion?

The vision: A platform that will facilitate credit issuing and investment to all sectors of the economy from the small to the large allowing for full digital financial inclusion

What are we looking for?

  • Online digital credit scoring with AI.
  • Realtime Data Analytics to support Digital lending
  • Micro Investment with AI based recommendations
  • Integratable with existing platforms; Al Etihad Credit Bureau, AD Exchange, DSE, etc..
  • Offer Personalized lending.and investment environments.
  • Smart investment portfolio management.
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