Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives


  1. Entities: UAE Water Aid (Suqia) + Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) Problem: 2 billion people globally are living in countries with no proper access to safe water and sanitation Required solutions: Finding solutions for solar powered water generation, filtration, purification or desalination units. Lack of clean water access is a global crisis affecting many parts of the world. While the specifics of the water challenge may differ slightly from area to area, most technologies and processes can be adapted for different water sources and community sizes by modifying certain components. For the Humanitarian Accelerators initiative, Suqia requires a cost effective, solar powered water production technology that can easily be adapted to serve a multitude of areas with different community sizes. Requirements: solar powered, portable, modular/scalable, durable, easy to maintain, sustainable, affordable, compliant with WHO drinking guidelines, compliant with Health & Safety standards. Requirements: solar powered, portable, modular/scalable, durable, easy to maintain, sustainable, affordable, compliant with WHO drinking guidelines, compliant with Health & Safety standards.

Veragon Water Solutions have fully developed a range of modular and scalable products which harvest the humidity from the air into clean, mineralised drinking water, on a commercially viable scale.
Dubai Police


  1. Reduce the number of violent crimes by 25% by 2021.

  2. Utilize artificial intelligence in a way that can be integrated with current programs and databases to provide statistics that may support the decision making process or allow for faster response to emergency situations.

ISnSC is a world leading cyber security firm that offers in-house cyber defense and cyber intelligence solutions.
OOO Powermat is working on wireless power transmission, for autonomous operation of drones, based on laser radiation technology
REVMAX builds intelligent dashboard systems using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Our platform is designed to increase efficiency by visualizing data through Geo-Mapping. We predict demand by aggregating numerous data sources and using machine learning to determine optimal time and location
Staqu works in one the most frontier and revolutionary AI subdomains called deep learning. We are providing our AI enterprise suite of products to government, e-commerce and smartphones domains.
The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)


  1. Fully integrate artificial intelligence to enable a seamless journey for passengers by using the Smart Passage.

  2. Seeking solutions that focus on electronic auto approvals in the system in order to remove all human interaction with regards to passenger pre-clearance. Based on other processes applied within GDRFA, such as pre-clearance, counters and/or smart gates, artificial intelligence is applied but only in a small section in the process and there is a lot of human interaction that occurs.

Emaratech, part of the investment profile of the Investment Corporation of Dubai, is the leading technology and consulting company in the Arab World.
Evidencer suite is a complete evidence sharing platform powered with artificial intelligence. Evidencer offers smarter justice by connecting citizen, law enforcement & judiciary.
Dubai Municipality


  1. Public Health Pest Control Early detection and effective monitoring system for public health pest through artificial intelligence.

  2. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Using artificial intelligence techniques in the process of demarcation with 100% accuracy.

  3. Food Control Department Using artificial intelligence and blockchain to create a holistic system that identifies food safety duration.

  4. Public Health and Safety Reduction of safety accidents rate (occupational, construction, public) through using modern technologies and artificial intelligence.

Hexagon is a leading global provider of information technology solutions that drive productivity and quality across geospatial and industrial landscapes.
photoSentinel is developing AI technology to create safer and more efficient construction sites by analysing captured high-resolution images to detect, count, and measure site activity
Teletronics crafts software and creates knowledge, we plan, develop, integrate and manage custom applications, software, and client specific solutions.
Brandenburg is the leading supplier and innovator of pest management product solutions. Established in 1948, Brandenburg now supplies to 140 countries in the world.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)


  1. Innovating creative solutions to disrupt current electricity & water utility business models by using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Water Harvesting Solutions, UAV, energy storage, Blockchain, IoT and others.

Intuitu Analytics
Intuitu Analytics Because SaaS providers can’t solve energy and water consumption holistically, Intuitu Analytics DMCC has built a consortium of global leaders in AI, NILM and IoT to drive customer behavior to significantly reduce consumption.
Solavio Labs
Solavio Labs was started with an aim to develop innovative technologies and engineering solutions for improving the performance of solar power plants.
Smart IoT
Smart IoT is home automation and IoT manufacturer of control devices, including lighting, climate, entertainment, energy, security and other connected devices.
Roads and Transport Authority


  1. Explore sustainable and integrated requirements (infrastructure) for autonomous and electrical transport testing and operating using emerging technologies such as wireless charging and Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems.

  2. Implement breakthrough systems for cyclists and pedestrians, in addition to the new personal modes of transport.

  3. Introduce futuristic construction methods and materials for transportation/roads infrastructure that will reduce time, cost and impact on traffic.

  4. Utilize digital twin technology to increase fleet maintenance efficiency

Immotor is a solution for the thirst of urban, smart and eco-friendly first to last mile e-mobility
Rada Building is a civil engineering startup focused on developing the world’s most advanced bridges to make cities more pedestrian friendly.
Riversimple is dedicated to eliminating the environmental impact of cars. We’re developing hydrogen fuel cell cars and a business model designed to make efficiency and resource conservation profitable.
WiPowerOne provides wireless charging products and solutions for Electric Vehicles based on KAIST’s OLEV/wireless charging technology.
Dubai Health Authority


  1. Increase patient awareness, prevention and self-management of diseases through use of advanced technologies.

Admetsys has developed the first artificial pancreas system specifically for the needs of hospital intensive care. The device automatically measures blood glucose concentration in real time without blood loss and normalizes glucose levels through the use of an automated AI treatment platform.
Babylon is a digital AI based app healthcare service. Its purpose is to democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth.
Bodyo empowers communities to better take care of themselves with free and easy access to monitor health vitals through our AI Health Stations and app training programs, helping prevent chronic health conditions and achieve personal fitness goals.
HiNT is developing a wearable point of care monitoring device that detects when patient at high risk is having a stroke, alerting them, their caregivers, and emergency, to rush them to treatment.
[:en]The Department of Economic Development [:]


  1. Utilize IOT (Internet Of Things) to increase the efficiency of inspecting and monitoring businesses in Dubai by 25% in 2018.

BooleanLab is an innovative tech company focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and Cyber Security based products.
SimpleSense builds simple and designed-to-scale presence and dwell sensing with the goal of ‘website page analytics of the physical world’ through cutting edge sensor technology.
Smart Dubai Office


  1. Using behavioral nudges to increase adoption of government digital services by 25%.

  2. Using IOT for inventory management on the government ERP system to save 30% of employee time and efforts.

Ensosoft develops “Subject Matter Expert” Modules on our Robust IIOT Platform to provide real-time solutions that utilize IIOT, AI & Big Data to deliver real-time failure prevention & optimization.
The Knowledge and Human Development Authority


  1. Anticipatory educational institutions, supported by smart regulations, empowering 21st century learners for jobs that don’t yet exist.

QLC is an online school that helps people try new careers anywhere in the world through remote internships with startups. We provide experiences with the latest business and technology trends using live projects supported by online learning, mentorship and co-learning spaces - starting with Dubai this summer.
Tribal creates innovative digital ecosystems that address education, wellness, and sustainability challenges by promoting awareness, engagement, and behaviour change among citizens and organizations.
Zaahah promotes safe student discovery and participation in schoolrelated activities, supporting virtual and real-world communities. The aHa token leverages Blockchain technology to reward teachers, students and parents for participation and other behaviors that are proven to improve student success.
ZAPPAPP is a 100% anonymous mobile reporting application providing a safe and confidential voice to students or employees who may be victim of, or bear witness to, inappropriate behavior of any kind
Knack is a predictive behavioral computing technology capturing data via games and validated science to identify high potential talent. We aim to transform the discovery of talent of the future.
Etisalat Digital


  1. Internal to Etisalat: Accelerate Etisalat’s transformation to a digital telco by increasing customer adoption of digital self-care channels thereby enhancing customer experience and reducing 50% calls to Etisalat customer care over the next one year using artifical intelligence, analytics/ insights, machine learning etc.

  2. External services: Transform the experience of visitors (students, residents, leisure and business tourists, etc) of city attractions (Expo2020, museums, libraries, landmarks etc) by leveraging extended reality (AR/VR) and artificial intelligence at every stage of the visitor journey (pre, during and post), aiming at 90% adoption by the targeted audience by 2021.

Agreeya are experts in end-to-end product engineering services involving device-to-cloud integration, security and solution development for emerging technologies like AI/DL, Extended Reality, IoT and Blockchain.
CogTalk offers custom Artificial Intelligence implementation services and advisory. We specialize in the intersection of AI, digital transformation, and customer experience (sales, customer care).
Digital Communication implements and manages digital media projects and tailored digital experiences across the Middle East & Africa.
Sturfee is a deep learning, computer vision, and satellite imaging company that delivers spatial intelligence to cameras connected to smartphones, wearables, and autonomous machines.
Votek is working on developing intelligent assistants to enhance user experience by means of Speech Recognition and AI.
KocharTech is one of the largest enablers of the connected ecosystem. We solve business and technology challenges for enterprises and consumers.


  1. Leverage machine learning and big data to optimize the relationship with enterprise customers from lead management to the point of service fulfillment by 30%.

ObEN is an AI company that builds Personal AI (PAI), intelligent 3D avatars that look, sound, and behave like its real-world counterpart and is secured on the Project PAI blockchain.
Pigeon Line is an enterprise-grade platform that automates consumer excellence and management consulting reporting and benchmarking. Produces actionable insights and strategy in minutes instead of weeks.
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