Dubai Police


  1. Use insight from social media platforms to enhance public safety and support law enforcement (i.e. use social media activity to explore the ability to predict the occurrence of an incident or recommend the next best action for officers on duty)

  2. Reduce manual processes that are required when identifying and allocating resources to speed up emergency response

  3. Enhance emergency call response by collecting and using data to predict demand (e.g. based on video surveillance, sensors, flame detector, etc.)

With over 10 years of experience in Data Science, research and development, Clarida Technologies offers the most innovative data-discovery software available on the market. Our mission has been to help modern organizations and businesses to leverage their data, gain new insights and drive positive changes while saving significant amounts of capital through advanced Data Discovery. We discover things you did not even know you didn’t know.
Gofore is an international user research and digital transformation company. We design and build digital services together with our customers. The value of a service lies in its customer experience, and the best customer experiences are made possible by understanding the end- user, their needs and motivations, and by the design based on that insight. Through design we create digital services that bring value to the customer. Our agile methods and transparent culture enables us to produce the best possible quality digital services with enthusiasm.
HyperNym FZ LLC is a progressive technology company based in Dubai with its core focus are Big Data and IoT based solutions and services. Our team of Hardware and Software engineers is committed to improving and expanding our solutions portfolio through innovation and advancements in technology. We believe that majority of the challenges faced by businesses today can be addressed through technology and we do this by keeping our users at the heart of our solutions.
Managed Services offers online and social media threat monitoring and software service.
Route Konnect Limited is planning infrastructure solutions for the long-term development of autonomous vehicles. By embedding sensors in the road network, greater security and trust can be placed on the system by removing the onus of communication to be purely from the vehicles themselves. To achieve this long-term goal requires several intermediately applications.
We make human to machine communications simple. Adding UIB’s UnificationEngine-powered SmartContact to your smartphone’s address book allows you to talk to any connected “thing” or service in any language using natural language text and voice messaging on over 20 of the world’s most popular communications channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, email, WeChat, and many more.
The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)


  1. Digitize and completely automate the residence visa experience – across visa application, issuance and renewal.

    Additional details: As part of the DFA cohort, design and develop a ‘fully digital residency visa experience concept’ over a 9week period that can be tested using ‘demo user accounts’. The concept design will be limited to a specific resident segment within the emirate of Dubai; This will involve process re-engineering, policy impact assessment and technology landscape review.

Blinking is a blockchain-based digital ID solution and authentication tool that gives users complete control over their data. It is a platform for secure digital identity management, providing biometric authentication, service authorization, shareable KYC, secure data storage and private data regulatory compliance. Blinking platform can be tailored to different business needs, and deployed depending on those very needs, from public and private cloud to an on premise solution.
We provide high-end market strategies, business process outsourcing, and business IT solutions for both private & public sectors.
ISnSC “Essence” has Intellectual Property in Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Defense and Cyber Intelligence as well. Utilizing AI and Cryptography, ISnSC continuously researches new innovative ways to ensure User’s Online Identity, to increase confidence in Online transactions & facilitates a paper-less environment.
Motius GmbH
Motius is a unique R&D Company with a fluid structure that develops products and prototpypes of tommorow. Being specialized on emerging technologies (e.g Artificial intelligence, AR/VR, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain), we develop innovative products and solve technical problems with world renowned clients (e.g. DEWA, BMW, Microsoft, IBM, Lufthansa, Siemens).
Dubai Municipality


  1. Dubai Central Lab: Re-engineer the current manual lab-tests to be conducted in a fully automated way, e.g. using robotics.

  2. Environment & Waste Department: Protect marine fauna environment of Dubai Creek from contaminated sediments through dredging.

Genrobotic Innovations started in 2015 as a student startup by a team of engineers and officially registered as a private limited company in 2017. The major focus of the company drives in Robotics, Exoskeleton and Artificial Intelligence. The company has developed a series of products in Robotics and Exoskeleton. Generation 1 and Generation 2 are two versions developed in the exoskeleton which can be used for heavy weight lifting and material movement in the defence and industrial sector.
We are Engineers and Business People with expertise in various fields such as Electronics and Instrumentation, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Computer Science, Business, and Entrepreneurship. Our Team is a spin-off from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus’s two most prestigious clubs Team IFOR and Gear Shifters. We have accumulated wins in numerous National and International Competitions in Autonomous Systems, the Automotive Industry and Robotics powered by ML, AI, Computer Vision, and Blockchain.
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)


  1. Innovate creative solutions to disrupt current electricity & water utility business models by using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Water Harvesting Solutions, UAV, energy storage, Blockchain, IoT and others.

Mulk Holdings FZC is a multinational conglomerate with diversified business interests in Manufacturing of Metal Composites (Alubond U.S.A.), Facade Contracting, Healthcare, Aluminum Coil Coatings, Plastic Industries, Power Generation using Renewable Energy Systems, Global State of Art R&D Centers, Real Estate and Cricket Assets. The company with its headquarters based in U.A.E and is spread across Europe, U.S.A, Africa, Turkey, India and Middle East.
We are a diverse multinational company specialized in creating game changing blockchain and artificial intelligence solutions. We create transformative results for challenging and non-thought-of problems of the future. We build amazing end-end systems in the domain of artificial intelligence with a diversified capabilities in solutions pertaining to machine learning, neural engines, AI, deep learning & custom AI tools for data optimization and prediction.
Roads and Transport Authority


  1. Create new approaches to increase maintenance efficiency, such as twin technology.

    • Additional details: Numerous challenges involve cost in-effective assets maintenance. RTA is keen to explore the intelligent approaches in optimizing maintenance process or system. RTA operates and maintains different and a massive number of assets. There are around 49 metro stations and 17 bus stations with total bus fleet of 1500 buses.

  2. Implement new approaches for freight management.

    • Additional details: Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East region. Despite of continuous planning,developments and expansion, traffic congestion is one of the challenging concerns. RTA is responsible for providing a safe and sustainable transport system, which includes freight transportation.

Part commercial enterprise, part revolutionary movement, Einride is bent on a complete transformation of the transportation industry. By challenging conventional thinking, by utilizing big data and cutting-edge technology — and by inspiring people to take responsibility for the planet and each other — Einride is making the movement of goods more intelligent: emission- free, safe, cost-effective, and ultimately, sustainable.
Opinsta support other organisations to become more efficient, improve customer experience whilst enhancing employee engagement. This is done by developing innovative and easy to use software, mainly focussed on mobile applications, that are fit to work in fast moving business and customer environments. Their suite of mobile apps and dashboards have had a huge impact working with some of the leaders of the UK rail industry.
SWIM EDX software applies to verticals with large volumes of edge data. We have clients in manufacturing (discrete/ process), supply chain/logistics, traffic, smart city/IoT, smart grid, telco/service provider and other enterprise sectors. SWIM software solves real-time edge data issues from sensors, smart devices, machines, IT assets.
Dubai Health Authority


  1. Improve the quality of life by early and swift healthcare intervention using advanced technologies in healthcare.

  2. Reduce patients’ waiting time in emergency cases by using advanced and cutting edge technologies

  3. Improve the accuracy and patient safety in surgeries, such as spine surgery, via using advanced technology

As “Leader in Healthcare Specialty Markets” in the MENA region, Amico engages in sales, marketing, service engineering and integrated professional support solutions for advanced medical devices. The company specializes in the following clinical therapies and products: Orthopedics, arthroscopy, sports medicine, spinal surgery, minimally invasive surgery, trauma & extremities, neurology, laser therapies, robotic surgery, medical imaging, sonography, CT-Scan, MRI, radiology, ENT, hearing aids, dermatology, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, ophthalmology, optometry, vision care, optical instruments, contact lenses and premium eyewear.
P4 Medical Laboratory is Ireland’s first ever precision medicine company. We aim to revolutionize the way we think about health by promoting the maintenance of wellness and the prevention of disease. Our EOLAS Non Invasive Prenatal Test (Powered by Illumina) delivers accurate answers on baby’s health. We work with Global maternity hospitals, Patient Advocacy Groups, and Health Insurance providers. Our blood test in Trimester 1, delivers accurate answers sooner to the clinician on Genetic disorders and Fetal Growth Restrictions.
Proximie is solving some of healthcare’s greatest challenges; the global demand to train & upskill millions of new clinicians, delivery of healthcare in the peripheries & reducing variability in quality outcomes. Proximie is a hardware-agnostic platform, that is scaling globally now, and is gaining traction across hospital groups, teaching hospitals & medical device industry. Proximie has developed Augmented Reality technology to bring cutting- edge, collaborative, visualization tools to the healthcare community.
Scanbo is an artificial intelligence holistic healthcare company. Our main focus is to accelerate world’s transition from reactive to proactive care. With affordable healthcare as our focus, we have innovated a device and a platform that enables patients and doctors to monitor human vitals. The device can at present measure 6 major vitals and we have mapped our journey to enable measurement of up to 18 vitals. The device is linked to a mobile app to capture and maintain data records. With our machine learning algorithm, we foresee to predict any minute deviation in patients’ vitals and enable him to be diagnosed at an early stage.
[:en]The Department of Economic Development [:]


  1. Retail: Helping retailers/wholesalers to foresight and predict the future retail scenarios through: data, research and insights, to capitalize on their physical and digital presence, hence, capture different consumer segments.

    Additional details: A new breed of consumers is shaping the industry’s future and various new technologies are expected to disrupt the retail sector. A range of new business models have already blurred the boundaries between online and offline retail offering unprecedented opportunities. It is critical to solve the retail supply excess in Dubai (i.e. 900k sqm by 2021), and find ways to best allocate what type of retail: experiential, merchandise…etc should be incorporated in this space.

    Retail is the major contributor to Dubai’s GDP.

    Stakeholders to consider:
    • Retailers: enhance future readiness; unlock potentials; generate more revenues and diversify their offerings.

    • Consumers: receive differentiated shopping experience while keeping them engaged; more personalized experience tailored to their needs; become more empowered and educated; increase spending for value added services.

    • Tourists: receive unique experience; visiting to one single destination to fulfill all their shopping and leisure needs; provide convenient and easy access.

    • Government: data driven outlook to expand the sector; empower retail sectors; bridge the gap between gov. and retail ecosystem; create smooth and seamless sector “setup for success”.

  2. Productivity: Increase productivity in construction businesses using technology to enable sustainable business practices.

    Additional details: Dubai has achieved phenomenal economic transformation mainly by adopting conventional growth strategies, including through provision of exemplary investment climate and overall business environment and extensive accumulation of inputs: labor and capital. However, unlike other frontier city economies, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, growth in Dubai has been a result of production factors accumulation rather than steady improvements in productivity levels that is fundamental for competitiveness.

Dubai Points
Dubai Points is a world first country-wide tourist and resident engagement program for tourists and residents giving them a connected, real-time rewarding experience. Dubai Points builds advanced analytics and bahvioural predictive capabilities that help government entities and retailers build an enhanced customer experience and improve overall profitability.
GenieBelt ApS
We help with 3 pillars: 1) Real time project management. 2) Overview, dashboards and insights. 3) Integrations. 1) We allow companies to get information on real time about what’s going on in each one of the projects. 2) We’ll provide them with a dashboard where they can see how each one of their projects is doing and the analytics that they want. 3) GenieBelt can integrate to other softwares the company is using, so that they can have all information in one main place and there’s no double work.
ShopR360 is deep-tech retail technology platform focused on providing powerful solutions for offline retail, based on “in-vicinity” & “in-store” customer behaviour and store traffic patterns. By giving offline businesses new KPIs, new insights, and a new playfield for doing business, ShopR360 is bridging the gap in Online & Offline retail , thus building future ready retail.
ThingTrax provides an end-to-end industrial IoT solution providing easy to setup devices and simple to use web and mobile software. ThingTrax is the Chromecast for manufacturing machines, bringing desperate disconnected machines and labour online to provide OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency) and Predictive Maintenance which are crucial KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for every manufacturer.
Smart Dubai Office


  1. A ‘Data Bazaar’: data exchange for Economic and Social Impact in Dubai. We want to develop a decentralised ‘data exchange’ that both encourages data-driven ideas generation and efficient and effective data exchange.

    Additional details: Creating the cultural and technical conditions for public, private, and personal data sharing is vital to achieving the full potential of the data revolution. New business ideas based on data-rich technologies like AI and IoT, and those that increasingly draw on multiple data sources, will become missed opportunities unless Dubai accelerates its approach to enabling the timely, secure and monetized exchange of data.

  2. Ensuring data quality and standards through innovation and practical use of technology. We want to use new technologies to identify data gaps, improve data quality, and do so sustainably.

    Additional details: To maximize its use in value creation, Smart Dubai aims to ensure the data we have on our platform is of the highest quality. We want to expand our tools to monitor, manage and enhance this data, which in turn will lead to impactful analysis and valuable data products, created across the data ecosystem.

Accubits Technologies
Accubits is an AI and Blockchain focused development and solutions company based in Washington DC with its development offices in India and Dubai. Pioneering as a custom Blockchain solutions provider delivering solutions ever since 2012, Accubits is one of the oldest and experienced Blockchain development house in the market and is featured as one among the top 13 Blockchain companies in India by INC42.
MVMANT is an urban mobility on-demand platform that contributes in solving the traffic congestion problem, without the need of infrastructural investment. MVMANT aims to fill the gap between fully personalized but expensive taxi service and cheaper but not flexible public transportation, in order to enable full transport multimodality. The target customer is the urban commuter that uses the private car and does not consider public transportation or car sharing as a valid alternative.
The Knowledge and Human Development Authority


  1. Building an eco-system that involves parents in the formation years then gradually fully empowers the learner to take control of their future.

    Additional details: - Parents are the driving force behind children’s development throughout life - Because parents invest in their children through education, they want the right investment and—most importantly—investment that pays back. - This matters because the right investment will ensure future security. - Future security will lead to independence.

C2 Native empowers their partners with a mix of Modern Marketing, Digital Transformation and Innovative Solutions, enabling them to adopt a customer-centric communication approach. With the provided cross-channel orchestrated communication model and the integration of future technologies, businesses are able to maximize their return on investment and enhance their overall business performance.
Honey Bird is a highly dynamic organization that works with founders, startups, and corporations in flexible ways to bring new ideas to market. Part venture studio, part startup facilitator; we work with industry experts to solve problems by taking their seed of an idea and developing a prototype to test the market. Honeybird is working with education consultants and institutions to develop a more engaging ecosystem that empowers parents to be more involved in their child’s development.
Holacracy is a self-management practice for running purpose-driven, responsive companies. By empowering people to make meaningful decisions, drive change and increase clarity of responsibility, the Holacracy practice unleashes an organization’s untapped power to pursue its purpose in the world. Holacracy fundamentally changes how decisions are made and how power is distributed.
Humachina is a human-centered artificial intelligence research based startup to reinvent the way people learn and perform. Humachina is building an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence to enhance and resolve the challenges in the education to employment lifecycle. Marvin, Humachina’s A.I. agent, (imagine personalized google for education and employment market as a proactive agent) is totally responsible for building and facilitating this ecosystem to empower humans, organizations, and governments to reach their full potential.
Etisalat Digital


  1. Video AI: Reduce crimes rates, and road congestions by analysing the behaviour of subjects and objects of interest and predict crime-related patterns, congestions, and accidents, and take automated decisions with the use of artificial intelligence on existing video surveillance systems, to support the UAE 2021 vision of making the UAE the safest place in the world and to enhance transportation.

  2. Blockchain B2B solution: Reduce transactional cost and complexity in B2B processes between banks, government and private entities by 40% in 5 years through the use of Blockchain technologies.

  3. Smiles Blockchain Architecture: Adopt blockchain to allow exchange across various loyalty currencies and to transform a loyalty currency into a crypto currency that can be used to perform online and physical transactions.

Beyond Limits breakthrough cognitive technology goes beyond conventional AI, blending deep learning and machine learning tools together with symbolic AI that emulates human intuition to deliver cognitive reasoning and intelligence. Our systems are trained on data and educated by knowledge, which greatly reduces the amount of data needed to make them intelligent. Because of Beyond Limits unique heritage from the NASA space program, our systems are designed to handle the unknown, including imperfect or missing data.
com-iot develops AI solutions in security, smart city, smart buildings & traffic safety. We have filed for U.S. patents for 2 of our solutions, Intruder Identification & Tracking II&T as well as Distracted driver Detection. Our security solutions will be of significant importance to Dubai Police to secure airports, vital structures, Oil & Gas, Police stations, metro stations, stadium entrances, military camps, in addition to its many other civilian use cases.
30 0cubits is a one-year old start-up from Hong Kong founded by 2 senior executives from the shipping and finance industry. Our mission is to create value by using technologies to tackle the widely known pain points experienced by the shipping and logistic companies. In our first year, we put into production an ecosystem that uses crypto currency and blockchain to enable the shipping industry to do booking deposits. As a result of offered solution, 4 of the top 10 container shipping carriers are now trying our solution.
SettleMint’s core product is a licensed, enterprise-grade, middleware solution for leading blockchain technologies. This product makes building blockchain applications and integrating blockchain into existing applications easy for IT teams. The product, called ‘Mint’, is an abstraction layer providing connections between new or existing applications and blockchain technologies. Mint includes a versatile set of software development kit’s (SDK’s), templates, a zero configuration API layer and connectors for all leading blockchain technologies.
YITU Technology, founded in 2012, is a Chinese AI company pioneering in artificial intelligence. YITU has completed its C+ round investment in June. YITU has invested in areas like healthcare, smart city, AI chips and AI pharmaceutical with industrial valuation of $2 billion. Devoted to AI research and innovation, YITU is one and the only company in the world has won the first place in the Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) organized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2017 and 2018, as well as Identification Accuracy in Face Recognition Prize Challenge (FRPC) 2017 hosted by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).
TradeFin’s core product is a Business to Business Payment and Financing Network on Blockchain. TradeFin has launched its own Stable Coin (TradeFin Payment Token) and has built its network on Stellar and Hyperleger Blockchain. The company is working with SAP, Oracle, Home Depot, BJ’s and other global firms. TradeFin also provides Blockchain advisory and technology development to clients globally. TradeFin has offices in US and India.


  1. Utilize DU’s M2M (machine to machine) data connectivity to provide businesses with a competitive advantage that allows them to reduce costs, increase profitability and become an active player in transforming Dubai into the world's smartest city.

Asvin.IO provides a mirrored secure update solution between applications parties of Internet of Things (IoT): for the embedded device controller (edge devices) and for server- side device applications in the cloud. Today unpatched vulnerabilities on IoT devices are door opener for diseases as DDoS attacks, Ransomware, Hacking and Data theft. Updating unsecure IoT systems is analogy applying medicine to sick patients. There is a growing need for continuously healing infected or unsecure devices in the Internet of Things.
Building enterprise grade AI/ML applications is a painful and cumbersome process which involves a lot of manual/grunt work around setting up infrastructure, configuring tooling, model re-engineering for deployment and post deployment management. Dataspine alleviates these pains by allowing its users to carry out aforementioned key activities in an automated manner. Users can self-provision infrastructure, spin up notebook instances, configure open-source tooling (such as ML/DL frameworks, Spark, Kafka etc.), package models as containers & generate end-point model APIs in a few clicks.
iMakaseb empowers brands and corporate to engage with their target audience based on specific objectives and the audience’s profile; ranging from simple promotions to sophisticated loyalty programs and schemes. The iMakaseb cloud-based platform offers a wide range of digital channels for corporate to automate processes to reach their base clients; maximizing customer engagement and enhancing operation efficiencies using mobile applications, social network channels, messaging apps, IoT devices or mobile Retail Point of Sales.
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