[:en]2. Airport Experience – from home to plane [:]

[:en]Challenge Description: Create a seamless customer journey through-out the passenger experience prior to arriving to the airport as well as during their stay at the airport until boarding the plane. We want to integrate all services into a single platform that will interact with our customers in their own language or digital interface. We want to deliver into a single channel all Emirates services such as bag collection, home check-in, chauffer drive, meal selection, lounge access and even shopping!

Technology focus areas (not limited to):

  • Passenger’s journey from home to airport curb:
    • Natural Language processing: Virtual guides or assistants
    • AI: Through the virtual assistants or guides, through analysing the different & combined data
    • Blockchain platforms: A natively built platform using blockchain to transact and track.
    • FinTech: Payments end to end, including perhaps finance options.
  • Passenger’s journey from airport curb to plane:
    • AI & Natural Language processing: Virtual guides and assistants, through analysing the different & combined data
    • Advanced biometrics: As a means to seamlessly pass through different touch points at the airport
    • Sentiment analysis: To collect data on facial response of passengers through the airport journey
    • Future design thinkers: To validate and string together the processes/ technologies required to innovate at the airport.


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