COHORT 6 - Starting Soon

Etisalat Digital

May 21st to July 18th


  1. Multicloud

    Accelerate the adoption of Multicloud solutions for UAE companies by reducing complexity while improving security risk management through

    1) Deploying a self–service portal to enable a single “pane of glass” for Management and reporting across fragmented Cloud Services.

    2) Connecting the different cloud services through a Multicloud integration layer

    3) Establishing a multi-cloud Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform for unified governance and compliance of security measures.

  2. Industrial IoT

    Support digital transformation of companies by reducing inefficiencies and productivity loss while optimizing inventory and supply chain through Industrial IoT solutions in the following areas:

    1) Implement a Smart Supply Chain solution using #AI

    2) Enhance tracking the movement of raw materials instore or in factory using #Sub-1-Meter-Accuracy #NB-IoT #UWB

    3) Show the end to end energy consumption and demand patterns to enhance energy requirements planning and management

  3. Insurance on Demand

    To create a new customized insurance on demand solution through #AI technologies, targeting Etisalat consumers, that include:

    • On-demand cover or insurance in different context such as pay per use insurance and others.

    • Hybrid products and services merging between insurance companies and smart home technology providers.

    • Controlled costs and automated quoting system using #MachineLearning, #AI #IntelligentAutomation

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)

June 16th to July 18th (phase 1) and Aug. 25th to Sept. 12th (phase 2)


  1. Future of Energy

    Accelerate digital transformation through disruptive technologies that are not limited to Quantum Computing, and can include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality and others.

Dubai Health Authority

June 16th to July 18th (phase 1) and Aug. 25th to Sept. 12th (phase 2)


  1. Accelerate Patient Recovery

    How might we accelerate ‘patient recovery’, where possible, outside hospitals and healthcare facilities for all patients by adopting technologies like remote health monitoring, virtual consultation or any other innovative digital solution so that we may enhance the ‘patient experience’, reduce cost of healthcare and increase efficiency across healthcare providers?

  2. Increase Accessibility to Health care

    How might we increase accessibility to healthcare providers and improve patient experience for all elderly people who prefer home-care by adopting new technologies / next generation medical devices so that we may accelerate diagnosis of medical conditions, reduce cost of healthcare services and minimize visits to healthcare facilities?

  3. Accelerate Diagnosis

    How might we expedite diagnoses of medical conditions for all forms of illnesses, especially at the emergency departments by adopting new technologies / next generation medical devices so that we may improve quality of life, overall patient experience and help people get better soon?

  4. Enhance in-patient and out-patient experience

    How might we enhance in-patient and out-patient experience in hospitals by using innovative, technological solutions to create a seamless experience for the patient through out all touch points i.e. from parking a vehicle to collecting / dispensing prescriptions?

Roads and Transport Authority

May 21st to July 18th


  1. Mobility Infrastructure

    Introduce futuristic, innovative construction methods and techniques that help reduce the time and cost associated with constructing and maintaining roads / mobility infrastructure.

  2. Manage & Personalize Customer Experience

    Managing customer experience and personalizing it digitally, by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to facilitate immediate service enhancements, for example, travel data or smart sensors.

Dubai Police

May 21st to July 18th


  1. Prediction Police

    How does Dubai Police become a predictive and proactive law enforcement body?

  2. Digital Observatory for the Future of Police

    Create an electronic portal / hub that is dedicated to research around the future of law enforcement.

  3. Traffic Congestion

    How do we prevent traffic jams by using intelligent technologies?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority

June 16th to June 27th (phase 1) and Sept. 18th to Oct. 10th (phase 2)


  1. How can we thrive and succeed in a degree-free world?

    How can citizens learn specific skills, in certain fields, to capture strengths that are not taught by a traditional educational curriculum?

Dubai Municipality

June 16th to July 18th (phase 1) and Aug. 25th to Sept. 12th (phase 2)


  1. Wastewater Treatment

    How might we eliminate odors resulting from wastewater treatment processes by using new, innovative techniques?

  2. Innovative Irrigation Techniques

    How might we increase green areas in Dubai by using new, innovative, irrigation techniques to reach areas not currently covered by the irrigation network?

  3. Treatment of Rustling Sludge

    How might we treat and reuse 100% of rustling sludge from wastewater treatment?

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