The Department of Economic Development


  1. Retail: Helping retailers/wholesalers to foresight and predict the future retail scenarios through: data, research and insights, to capitalize on their physical and digital presence, hence, capture different consumer segments.

    Additional details: A new breed of consumers is shaping the industry’s future and various new technologies are expected to disrupt the retail sector. A range of new business models have already blurred the boundaries between online and offline retail offering unprecedented opportunities. It is critical to solve the retail supply excess in Dubai (i.e. 900k sqm by 2021), and find ways to best allocate what type of retail: experiential, merchandise…etc should be incorporated in this space.

    Retail is the major contributor to Dubai’s GDP.

    Stakeholders to consider:
    • Retailers: enhance future readiness; unlock potentials; generate more revenues and diversify their offerings.

    • Consumers: receive differentiated shopping experience while keeping them engaged; more personalized experience tailored to their needs; become more empowered and educated; increase spending for value added services.

    • Tourists: receive unique experience; visiting to one single destination to fulfill all their shopping and leisure needs; provide convenient and easy access.

    • Government: data driven outlook to expand the sector; empower retail sectors; bridge the gap between gov. and retail ecosystem; create smooth and seamless sector “setup for success”.

  2. Productivity: Increase productivity in construction businesses using technology to enable sustainable business practices.

    Additional details: Dubai has achieved phenomenal economic transformation mainly by adopting conventional growth strategies, including through provision of exemplary investment climate and overall business environment and extensive accumulation of inputs: labor and capital. However, unlike other frontier city economies, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, growth in Dubai has been a result of production factors accumulation rather than steady improvements in productivity levels that is fundamental for competitiveness.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives


  1. Coming soon

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)


  1. Digitize and completely automate the residence visa experience – across visa application, issuance and renewal.

    Additional details: As part of the DFA cohort, design and develop a ‘fully digital residency visa experience concept’ over a 9week period that can be tested using ‘demo user accounts’. The concept design will be limited to a specific resident segment within the emirate of Dubai; This will involve process re-engineering, policy impact assessment and technology landscape review.

Smart Dubai Office


  1. • A ‘Data Bazaar’: data exchange for Economic and Social Impact in Dubai. We want to develop a decentralised ‘data exchange’ that both encourages data-driven ideas generation and efficient and effective data exchange.

    Additional details: Creating the cultural and technical conditions for public, private, and personal data sharing is vital to achieving the full potential of the data revolution. New business ideas based on data-rich technologies like AI and IoT, and those that increasingly draw on multiple data sources, will become missed opportunities unless Dubai accelerates its approach to enabling the timely, secure and monetized exchange of data.
  2. Ensuring data quality and standards through innovation and practical use of technology. We want to use new technologies to identify data gaps, improve data quality, and do so sustainably.

    Additional details: To maximize its use in value creation, Smart Dubai aims to ensure the data we have on our platform is of the highest quality. We want to expand our tools to monitor, manage and enhance this data, which in turn will lead to impactful analysis and valuable data products, created across the data ecosystem.



  1. Create a customer journey through the airport that will introduce a seamless passage through all touch-points including check in counters and baggage drop. This should be achieved through the use of robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, biometrics, big data analytics, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and by connecting systems and data across various aspects of airline operations in order to generate the optimization insights needed to improve service delivery. This will be the first step in creating the airport of the future.

Dubai Police


  1. Use insight from social media platforms to enhance public safety and support law enforcement (i.e. use social media activity to explore the ability to predict the occurrence of an incident or recommend the next best action for officers on duty)
  2. Reduce manual processes that are required when identifying and allocating resources to speed up emergency response
  3. Enhance emergency call response by collecting and using data to predict demand (e.g. based on video surveillance, sensors, flame detector, etc.)

Roads and Transport Authority


  1. Create new approaches to increase maintenance efficiency, such as twin technology.

    • Additional details: Numerous challenges involve cost in-effective assets maintenance. RTA is keen to explore the intelligent approaches in optimizing maintenance process or system. RTA operates and maintains different and a massive number of assets. There are around 49 metro stations and 17 bus stations with total bus fleet of 1500 buses.
  2. Implement new approaches for freight management.

    • Additional details: Dubai has one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East region. Despite of continuous planning,developments and expansion, traffic congestion is one of the challenging concerns. RTA is responsible for providing a safe and sustainable transport system, which includes freight transportation.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority


  1. Building an eco-system that involves parents in the formation years then gradually fully empowers the learner to take control of their future.

    Additional details: - Parents are the driving force behind children’s development throughout life - Because parents invest in their children through education, they want the right investment and—most importantly—investment that pays back. - This matters because the right investment will ensure future security. - Future security will lead to independence.

Dubai Health Authority


  1. Improve the quality of life by early and swift healthcare intervention using advanced technologies in healthcare.
  2. Reduce patients’ waiting time in emergency cases by using advanced and cutting edge technologies
  3. Improve the accuracy and patient safety in surgeries, such as spine surgery, via using advanced technology

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)


  1. Innovate creative solutions to disrupt current electricity & water utility business models by using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Water Harvesting Solutions, UAV, energy storage, Blockchain, IoT and others.

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