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  Police drones, AI, immigration tech, telemedicine, blockchain and 3D printing  APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN December 19, 2016. Dubai, UAE – The Dubai Future Accelerators, the world's largest government-supported accelerator, which pairs top startups with the Dubai government entities allowing them to build, test and deploy solutions for 21st-century challenges has announced...
12th Dec 2016

US$33M invested in pilot projects in the inaugural Dubai Future Accelerators Program
18th Oct 2016

Building the Future: Dubai Future Accelerators Hosts Educational Community Programs
18th Sep 2016

Hyperloop, self driving cars, robot builders and 3D organ printing are products to be pioneered in Dubai.
6th Sep 2016

The Dubai Future Accelerators announces Jon Bradford as the executive advisor and Paul Smith as head of the program.
16th Aug 2016

Staggering Number of Applicants for the Dubai Future Accelerators.
27th Jul 2016

Accelerators program to address seven key civic challenges