27th Jul 2016


Accelerators program to address seven key civic challenges

Crown prince

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The Crown Prince of Dubai and the
Chairman of Dubai Future Foundation

Dubai to create a new program to reward innovative
companies around the world


Companies will compete to solve seven key
"21st century challenges"


Another example of Dubai’s deepening commitment to
becoming a test bed for futuristic technologies
and businesses


Intended to change the future of Dubai
(and perhaps the world)


Today Dubai unveiled an ambitious new program to change the world. The "Dubai Future Accelerators" is a program that will connect the world’s most innovative companies with leading partners in government to test new solutions to key challenges at the city-wide scale.

The Future Accelerators focuses on seven “21st century challenges", which also represent significant opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and social development.

The challenges include the application of cutting-edge technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics, genomics, 3D printing, distributed ledgers, biomimicry and biotechnology, as well as new business models and ways of working. Each challenge focuses on an important areas of government innovation, including healthcare, education, transportation, infrastructure, renewable energy, and digital transformation.

Unlike other programs, The Dubai Future Accelerators will focus on the deployment of futuristic prototypes at a city-wide scale, something which no other program can offer thanks to the strong support of the Dubai government.

A 21st Century Program

Launched by the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the program reflects the larger goals of the UAE and those of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

"H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid's vision is transform the UAE into the global capital for creating amend exploring the future," Sheikh Hamdan said in a statement.

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, who is also vice-chairman of Dubai Future Foundation, said: “We invite all those across the world who want to create a better future to come to Dubai and help us create a better future.

Anyone can apply, from start-ups to large companies, as long as they have a working prototype that addresses one of the key challenges above. Winning companies will develop in-depth proposals to create futuristic pilot projects that can showcase the benefits of their technology.

Dubai to Become Test Bed for Futuristic Designs and Technology

The Dubai Future Accelerator is being run by the Dubai Future Foundation as part of the Dubai Future Agenda, a far reaching campaign to develop 21st century solutions and initiatives around the world. Other parts of the Agenda include the Dubai 3D Printing Strategy (with the Dubai Municipality), the Dubai Autonomous Transport Strategy (with the RTA), the Global Blockchain Council, and the Museum of the Future.


Roads and Transport Authority
Prototype automated transportation systems that cut congestion by 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by 30% across all modes.

Dubai Police
Test integrated behavioral, genetic and biological systems for identifying, tracking and sharing information on criminals that are 10x more accurate and 10x more efficient.

Dubai Municipality
Test automated, recycled, and nature-inspired building systems that use 3x less energy and CO2 and are 5x more effective (including robotics, automation, bacteriological, mycology, algae, biomimicry, regenerative systems, sand-based 3D printing materials, and others)

Dubai Health Authority
Harness Dubai's remarkable genetic diversity to enhance diagnostic speed and effectiveness by a factor of 10 (using genomics, analytics, telepresence and personalized medicine).

Knowledge And Human Development Authority
Prototype 21st century assessment systems and personalized learning solutions that work across curriculums to offer 5x greater flexibility, 2x lower cost, and 10x better learning outcomes (with an emphasis on Arabic language education, STEAM, wellbeing, coding, and other disciplines).

Dubai Holding
Deploy digital solutions across the hospitality, food and beverage, and real estate sectors that reduce paperwork and the need for human intervention by a factor of 10, increase transaction speeds by a factor of 20 and increase customer engagement by an order of magnitude (including Blockchain, digital personalization, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, etc.).

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
Reduce water and energy consumption by a factor of 10 and increase production and distribution efficiency through the use of renewables, intelligent & automated systems, biological solutions and other means

Open Call
Have you developed something game-changing that doesn’t precisely fit one of these challenges? Are you ready to embark on large-scale, fast-moving collaborations with Dubai government entities? We encourage you to get in touch with a proposal.


About the Dubai Future Foundation

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) is an initiative launched by the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, led by the Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum in 2016. The Foundation develops futuristic concepts for how emerging technology can be used to improve people's lives, and develops public-private partnerships to test and implement these ideas at scale.

The DFF is housed in the 3D Printed "Office of the Future" in Dubai, the world's first 3D printed building, and is responsible for the Dubai Future Agenda and the Museum of the Future.

About the Dubai Future Agenda

The Dubai Future Agenda is a 1 billion AED (~300 million USD) program to facilitate next generation social and economic development in Dubai. It focuses on key sectors such as transportation, education, healthcare, cities, and the environment to stimulate innovation and 21st century technological development. It was launched by the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and is the overarching agenda within which the Foundation operates.

About the 3D Printed "Office of the Future"

The "Office of the Future" is the world's first 3D printed building and the home of the Dubai Future Foundation while the permanent Museum of the Future is under construction. It was designed and built in less than a year, taking only 3 weeks to print using 3D printed cement and two days to install on site.

The Dubai 3D Printing Strategy

The 3D printed Office of the Future is part of Dubai's larger "3D Printing Strategy", which commits the city to printing 25% of all buildings using 3D printing technology by the year 2030, incriminating a 2% increase per year starting in 2019. The Strategy also includes the creation of a 3D printing hub and center of excellence, a dedicated regulatory team within the Municipality, and various certification, testing and prototyping programs designed to facilitate the appetite for 3D printing in construction and design in the Middle East.

About the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is an initiative led by the Dubai Future Foundation to imagine inspirational futures and showcase how technology can be used to improve our lives and solve our biggest challenges. A permanent building is under construction now to house the Museum and will be opened in December, 2018. More info:

About the World Future Sports Federation

The World Future Sports Federation is an initiative launched by the Dubai Future Foundation to facilitate the application of emerging technologies in competitive sports and games. The World Future Sports Games will be hosted in Dubai in December, 2017 and will include drone racing, robotic swimming, running, wrestling and self-driving car racing, among other competitions.

About the Dubai Global Blockchain Council

The Global Blockchain Council is an initiative led by the Dubai Future Foundation to explore the potential of blockchain technology for accelerating transactions and increasing efficiency across key sectors in Dubai. It is composed of over 40 different banks, government departments, start-ups and multinational corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, ConsenSys, the Ethereum Foundation, the Dubai International Financial Center, DMCC, EmiratesNBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, BitOasis, Ericcson, Du, and many more. The Council launched 7 blockchain pilot projects in the spring of 2016 and runs trainings, policy discussions, master classes and proof of concepts.

About the Autonomous Transportation Strategy

The Autonomous Transportation Strategy is an initiative launched by the Dubai Future Foundation and the Roads and Transportation Authority, which commits Dubai to delivering 25% of all trips through automated, autonomous and robotic means by the year 2030. It was launched in 2016 and will commission the first large scale prototypes in 2017.

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