Program Structure

The 9-week program is structured into 8 stages facilitating the collaboration between government entities and companies. In parallel, we’re organizing a series of workshops, office hours with mentors and cultural activities.


Game changing partnerships with top-level of government.

DFA takes zero equity in your business.

Roundtrip airfare to Dubai and paid accommodation.

State of the art creative workspace and access to prototyping equipment.

Mentorship program.

Scaling your access to a 2 billion people market.

Program Process

Stage 1Start

Companies meet one another and the government partners during an opening ceremony, and learn more about the program and its aims during orientation.

Stage 2Discovery

Government partners introduce companies to key personnel and provide site tours of their
facilities. Both begin discussing areas of opportunity and brainstorming ideas; companies provide proof of theircore technologies.

Stage 3Development

Companies and government partners explore specific ideas for pilot project proposals. Government partners ensure companies have access to relevant expertise and data in order to fully develop their proposals.

Stage 4Delivery

Having jointly prepared a pilot project proposal, companies pitch their proposal to the relevant stakeholders and decision makers within the government partners.

Stage 5Feedback and iteration

Government partners provide constructive feedback to the companies within seven days. Both work together to iterate and improve the proposal, discussing and negotiating scope and cost.

Stage 6Decision

Government partners agree or decline to proceed with an MOU (or other commercial agreement) by the end of week 7 at the latest.

Stage 7Drafting

Government entities and companies work together to draft an agreement (defining required
resources, timelines and key deliverables).

Stage 8Conclusion

Government partners and companies attend a closing ceremony where agreements are signed. Next steps for contracting and delivery of the proposal are discussed and agreed.

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