Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) facilitates the collaboration between government entities and private sector organizations with start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs from around the world to co-create solutions for bold challenges of tomorrow. Dubai Future Accelerators is an initiative by Dubai Future Foundation (Government of Dubai). DFA’s program in partnership with Dubai Municipality is focused on the Future of Construction Tech.
About Dubai Municipality
Founded in 1954, Dubai Municipality commenced its activities with a cadre of seven employees. It’s now regarded as one of the largest governmental institutions in terms of services rendered and projects executed with more than fifteen thousand employees. Thus, the organization has been a key driver of growth and evolution of the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Municipality is responsible for a wide range of areas including urban planning, maintenance of public facilities, municipal affairs and services including cultural and heritage development, buildings regulation, food control and various other municipal affairs and services.

Dubai Municipality’s mission is to plan, develop and manage an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living.

Deadline: 16th of July 2020, 11.59pm GMT+4.


The Future of Construction Tech

Enhancing control and inspection services in buildings under construction or completed 

Top 3 questions

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and live-streamed inspection

Dubai Municipality currently employs around 60 inspectors that conduct two types of inspections:

  1. Inspection upon request: The contractor is applying the request through the system, a task will be created to all concerned authorities, the visit appointment is fixed and sent via SMS and email, the inspectors will visit the site and issue the decision on spot.
  2. Periodical inspection: each engineer has his own plan to visit all buildings on his area, he will conduct the site visit, enter technical report, issue notices for violations if any & follow up the violations.

The type of buildings inspected by Dubai Municipality during as well as post-construction include villas, public buildings, multi-story buildings/skyscrapers, industrial buildings. The most time-consuming inspection is for multi-story buildings.

Date and time: 3rd of June 2020, 12.30pm GMT+4

Webinar with Dubai Municipality

Please Click here to view the webinar with representatives from Dubai Municipality and Dubai Future Accelerators.
The program is divided into 3 phases:

1st phase (Virtual | Aug. 19 – Sept. 9)

Out of all applicants up to 10 companies get invited to a 3-week virtual program where they get directly briefed by Dubai Municipality on their specific requirements and current processes. At the end of the 1st phase each company gets invited to present their proposed solution to a committee

2nd phase (in Dubai | 2-3 weeks in Q4 2020)

Only 5 out of 10 selected companies will continue with an in-residence program in Dubai to work on a proof of concept (Once the travel restrictions have been lifted, and the global situation around COVID-19 is settled).

3rd phase

Dubai Municipality selects the finalists who will directly work with them.



This depends on current regulations and the answer is not related to Dubai Municipality.

Yes, there is digital technology under testing for BC checking and we are working on BIM road map.

Dubai Municipality is not the concerned entity to answer this question, fire issues belong to the civil defense.

Any type of technology chosen will be tested on a specific project or area.

We are accepting any type of technology that adds value for our inspection process.

Reducing costs for all parties is our aim.

Supervision section does not include this type of service.

One of the most important requirements for any maintenance work is an approved maintenance permit which must be obtained from the Permit Department to ensure commitment to implement work as per Dubai Municipality requirements.

Yes, and it will be available with them during inspection.

Checking size, levels, fixing, obtaining an Noc/permit


Yes, by applying the green building terms at the stage of design approval and during work execution by periodical inspection.

Available solutions will be integrated with any system

Normal meter, electronic meter and sound level meter

Getac laptops, GPS, Dubai Building permit system


This question does not belong to the building control department

Yes, there are periodical inspections by the inspection section in building control department. All buildings should be covered once in three months.

This cannot be decided now.

We do not have a specific type of inspection, in fact, we try to develop all types of inspections in line with the current technologies and practices.

It depends on the type of inspection.

Yes, depending on the type of work and it should be provided at site or submitted through our systems.

Not possible, the Dubai BPS is available only to the registered contractors and consultants in Dubai.

Yes, every department has its own systems and all systems are accessible through Dubai Municipality’s main website.

Not at the moment.

You may find the requested by visiting Dubai Municipality’s website:

Future team members are representatives from the respective partner entity - in this case for Dubai Municipality. This team will be working hand in hand with the selected companies during the program.

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We do not charge any fees for the application or participation in the program. We actually cover flights, visas and accommodation for up to 2 members of your company for the 2nd phase in Dubai. Furthermore, we do no not take any equity of your company.

At the moment, the active challenge is focused on the Future of Construction Tech. However, our partner entities are always looking at new innovative ideas and solutions. Please register in our platform to get notified about upcoming challenges:

We at Dubai Future Accelerators connect you to key entities within Dubai in order to solve predefined challenges through different programs. However, we do not guarantee that the respective entity would fully implement your technology at the end of the programs.

At the moment, we have not planned an additional webinar. We've uploaded the recording of the webinar onto our YouTube channel However, if at a later stage we felt the need to host another webinar for clarification, we will do so and update our social media platforms accordingly.

To apply to the challenge, you are required to fill out and submit an application form on

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