[:en]Program Process[:]


Challenge Definition

Our government and private sector partners define their ‘challenge’ (requirements)

Global Outreach and Application Period

July 20th – Augest 23th
Start-ups and scale-ups from around the world that find their solution meeting the defined ‘challenges’ are invited to submit their application via programs.dubaifuture.gov.ae.

Vetting and Shortlisting of Applicants:

Applicants are being vetted and shortlisted companies are invited to a virtual interview and, if positive, passed onto the respective government partner.

Applicants Selection

Our government partners will evaluate all shortlisted applicants and will select the 8 finalists per partner who will join the 1st phase of the program.

‘Preparation Program’

Virtual program September 21st –October 1st
Government partners introduce companies to key personnel who will provide further details about their specific requirements and current processes. This allows each company to customzise their proposal.

‘Pitching Competition’

October 4th – 8th
At the end of phase 1, each company gets invited to present their proposed solution to a committee from the government partners as part of a virtual pitching competition.

Selection for Phase 2 ‘Proof of Concept

Out of the top 8 companies each government partner will select the top 4  applicants who will get invited to a 6week cohort in Dubai to work on a proof of concept.

Onboarding (Dubai)

Travel and accommodation arrangements will be prepared during this phase to welcome 2 members of each  selected company.

‘Proof of Concept’

In-residence program in Dubai
November 9th – December 17th

Companies and government partners work hand-in-hand to test the solution in Dubai (proof of concept). Government partners ensure companies have access to relevant expertise, data, and feedback in order to fully develop their proposals and work on their proof of concept.

Final Decision

The government partners selected the companies they whish to enter a collaborate post program.

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